Couple brings documentary to Red Oak

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By Nick Johansen

A Red Oak couple is hosting a special showing at the Wilson to highlight concerns on climate change. 

At 7 p.m. on Friday, April 21, a special screening of “The Age of Consequences” will take place at the Wilson Performing Arts Center. 

The screening was made possible by James and Jan Norris, who recently paid a visit to Arizona for James to compete in a Cowboy Action Shooting event. The six-time Iowa state champion finished sixth in the nation. During their free time, the Norrises said they paid a visit to Sedonia, where they went to the Sedona Film Festival and saw a documentary which left a lasting impression. 

“The film was called ‘The Age of Consequences.’ We were so impressed with it and the way it was put together, we decided we really needed to show it to others and help promote it,” James said. 

The Norrises say they are Independents, and said the style of the film didn’t take sides. 

“The documentary had interviews with mostly retired military members who discussed the horrible consequences that are going to affect the nation and our military from climate change. It talked about de-stabilization across the globe, and in our own country. The military ability to deal with some of that stuff is going to be extremely difficult,” said James. 

Jan said they are familiar with the topic of climate change, so they had some idea of what the film would share, but she said it still was a shock. 

“It gives you that ‘My God’ feeling. This is bad. So my next thoughts were, what comes after this is bad, what can we do about it. In fact, we looked at each other and said we probably need to think about making some changes at home. Change how we consume electricity and seek alternative forms. That sort of thing,” said Jan. 

Following the screening, Jan said they are considering hosting a second phase, with a panel discussion and vendor fair sharing information. Jan said the documentary was recently released on iTunes, and currently is only available through that format and screenings. 

Jan said after the screening, there will be time taken for the audience to ask questions and discuss.

“After the showing, we’re going to have a reception at 8:30 so people have time to digest it and talk about the effect the film had on each other,” commented Jan. 

She added that she’s hopeful those who attend will have a greater awareness about the climate change risk.

“I’m hoping people will put more thought into their daily lives, and be more cognizant about how we consume and dispose of things. Ask if they really need to use so much shower water or throw things away instead of recycle. Maybe it will get everyone to think about simple things that can be changed. There are a lot of things we could all be doing better,” Jan said. 

James said his hope is that audiences don’t view the film as political, and debate the topic on its merits. 

“The debate on this, in my opinion, should focus on how to address it. Do we address it in the private sector, through government, or a combination of those. I want people to come away from this saying ‘We all need to pull together on this and find some solutions.’ I hope that the people who are on-board on the topic of climate change, and those who don’t believe all come out and watch it so they can get a better opinion of it,” James advised. 

The costs for the rights of the showing are being covered by the Norrises, however, they are seeking sponsors for some additional expenses. 

“There’s a cost for renting the Wilson, and of course we need to get the word out, so we’d be glad for support from anyone who will help out with that or advertising,” said Jan. 

If anyone is interested in serving as a sponsor, The Norrises can be reached at 621-4427 or by emailing jan.norris2@gmail.com.


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There is no cost to attend. Anyone who wishes to view the film is requested to bring food to donate to the local food pantry.