DeVries inspired by daughters, Tangles Salon helps clients donate to Locks of Love

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Friday, June 15, was an exciting day for seven-year-old Lainey DeVries, who decided to participate in her first charity by helping children who have no hair.


With the help of her mother, Tammy DeVries, owner and operator of Tangles Salon in Red Oak, Lainey cut her hair and donated it to Locks of Love.

“At first, her sister Kennedy didn’t want to, but when she saw how excited her sister was, she decided to donate hers too,” Tammy said. “It was all Lainey’s idea.”

Each DeVries girl cut 10 inches of hair to donate and now sport cute new bobs as a symbol of their support.

“We have had two others donate to Locks of Love so far,” Tammy said. She is inspired by her daughter’s willingness to help others. “Her teachers tell me all the time, she just always wants to help people.”

Tangles Salon, located at 504 N. 4th St., now carries forms for Locks of Love so those who wish to donate can participate easily from their salon.

Tangles is open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Tuesday-Friday, and until noon on Saturdays.  Along with Tammy, stylists Denise Wilson, Carmen Clear and Jodi Johnson are all available for appointments by calling 623-2000. Walk-in appointments are welcomed.