Writer condemns telemed abortions

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Dear Editor,

Planned Parenthood (PP) is well known for family planning services and surgical abortions, but now offers a program called telemed abortion.  

This dangerous new procedure is done by non-medical staff in nearly every PP clinic, including Red Oak. A vaginal ultrasound is performed and the image scanned to an abortionist in Des Moines. At Planned Parenthood, mothers are NEVER offered an opportunity to see the sonogram.  If the baby is less than 63 days old, the doctor pushes a button in her office whereupon a drawer in front of the patient at the remote PP center opens.  Inside of the drawer are two medicines – one taken immediately to kill the baby and a second one taken later at home which causes contractions and eventually expels the dead baby.  A nine week old baby is fully developed, including distinctive facial features and has had a heartbeat for over a month. Most women who abort at home have no idea that they will be seeing an actual baby.

Telemed abortion started in Iowa and is quickly spreading across the country. With very little cost for surgical equipment, travel expenses for physicians/surgical staff, it is a mega-money maker for abortion clinics. Because of webcam abortion, women are literally aborting their babies, at home, alone. Iowa has no waiting period before abortion, so a woman can come into a PP clinic, find out she’s pregnant and walk out an hour later, no longer carrying a live baby in her womb.

Sue Thayer, former Storm Lake Planned Parenthood Center Manager