• Creeping legislation and gun control laws

    Dear Editor:
    I see that Ms. Miner and the rest of the gun grabbers are still pushing their failed agenda.
    She must not realize most people have caught on to the left wing/socialist/communist tactic of employing creeping legislation to accomplish their agendas; after all, they’ve been dong it for at least half a

  • Square additions should be big news

    Dear Editor:
    I was recently in Red Oak to celebrate my sister’s (Nan Tebrinke’s) 75th birthday. The family had a great dinner at the new restaurant in town, Sauced, on the southeast corner of the square. We had excellent food and service.
    I asked  the owner what was the construction next to the Grand  Theatre. She stated the Grand was expanding, adding another theater next to the  existing one.  These two items are big news in Red Oak and should be headline news items in the Express.   
    John Stilwell

  • Basket committee appreciates support

    Dear Editor:
    Once again the community and members of Friends of the Library have come through for our library.
    The winners of the
    basket drawing were Jeanie Lincoln, Joyce Howery, Terri Montague and Katie Endicott, Congrats to you, and your
    support of the library is
    Basket Committee:
    Joanne Kohn,
    Linda Marshall,
    Beth Fairfield,
    Joan Hammer

  • Closing gun show loophole unnecessary

    Dear Editor:

  • Elected officials set tone in Washington

    Dear Editor:
    Politicians often describe Washington  as a corrupt place, even as they vigorously
    compete to get there. Rather, it is some of the politicians we vote into office who set the tone of our capitol.
    When we visited Washington, I did not see the city in the same light as the politicians do. Initially, we went there when our daughter, a student at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., had the opportunity to work at the national offices of the AFL-CIO.
    During that year, we visited

  • FBI report reveals inconvenient facts

    Dear Editor:

  • Children in poverty issue for politicians

    Dear Editor:
    With the holiday break winding down this week, some of our children will have plenty to talk about when they return to school. Perhaps they will share stories about visiting family, a vacation trip, exploring the state, or holiday gifts.

  • Church food pantry appreciates help

    Dear Editor:
    We at the First Baptist Church food pantry want to let everyone who has helped us this past year know how much we appreciate you. It takes a lot of people working together to provide the food, clothing and other items to the people who use the food pantry.

  • Gun numbers don’t affect gun deaths

    Dear Editor:
    Mr. Orear’s op-ed piece in the Dec. 8 edition of the Express was thoughtful and well-written. It was also
    deceptive, and missed the point entirely.
    He asks us to remember the victims of the recent San Bernardino shootings for what they really are, then goes on to explain they are really victims of those among us who support the Second Amendment. In his piece, he makes no mention of the fact that people operated the firearms used, that those people were radical Muslims and one of them was in this country only because of a

  • Love your neighbor as yourself

    Dear Editor:
    We at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Red Oak wish to express our support and solidarity with the Muslim Community. The current climate of fear and mistrust of all Muslims runs against one of the simplest messages of love taught by Jesus, found in Mark 12:31 - “Love your neighbor as yourself.”