• Stanton water tower 1, trees 0

     Dear Editor:

    Let it go, Stanton.

    Progress isn’t holding too tightly to things that have served their purpose. The town of Stanton would be better served to scrap the water tower that is no longer safe or serviceable and create a display of pictures in their cultural center. There is nothing served in preserving this. Stanton has trouble with the concept of letting it go when it’s done.

  • DOD named Ernst combat vet

     To whom it may concern,

    I see where the Huffington Post’s “military expert,” Andrew Reinback, has published a “gotcha” hatchet job on Senator Joni Ernst. He accuses her of embellishing her Iraq service when she claims she is a  combat veteran when,  indeed, she never came under fire.

  • Moral decline causes chaos

     Dear Mr. Orear:

  • DHS agenda for Clarinda MHI?

     Dear Editor:

  • Senator Ernst is a combat veteran

     Dear Editor:

    Being on just one convoy in theaters of operation makes you a combat veteran. With that out of the way, I will explain.

  • Deficit vs. debt confusion

     Dear Editor:

    In the Jan. 6 edition of the Red Oak Express, Cherie Miner commented about the mistaken belief by a majority of the American public that “the budget deficit has grown under Obama.” She contends it has not. I believe that Ms. Miner is making the same mistake that most of the public, and the media as well, are making—confusing the terms “deficit” and “debt”.   

  • Phelps criticizes response to flag ruling

     Dear Editor:

    We’ve watched Iowa respond with unholy rage to the federal judge saying you  can’t stop Westboro Baptist Church from expressive use of the flag.

    You try to silence a dissenting message, while pretending to be a nation of  laws. Of course, you break God’s law without batting an eye. So we  aren’t surprised when you brush away your own constitution.

  • School board decision highway robbery?

    To whom it may concern, namely the “Taxpayers,”

    Just who do these people think they are, “God?”  Kathy Walker, Bill Drey and Lee Fellers.

    Then I think they should have to pay the “Bill”.

    Taxpayers, you are being used. What a bone-headed idea. They spent the money to fix the water-damaged middle school up and then decide to tear it down.

  • Board decision bypassed the taxpayers

     Dear Editor:

    It is certainly good that we have two members on the Red Oak school board that have some common sense. A sneaky way to get a new school by bypassing the public who will be the ones that will be paying for it. 

    In the Express today it is borrowing on future income, how can you borrow on something you don’t have a guarantee of receiving.

  • Holidays evoke feelings of gratitude

     Dear Editor:

    This Christmas I am especially reminded of the past year and all I have to be thankful for. 

    Through the years I have always been thankful for things like the County Fair. Our three children have enjoyed this for many years and as everyone knows, it takes a lot of work and support.