• Fifth grade challenges citizens to learn the Gettysburg Address

     Dear Editor,

    Thank you for your recent column in the Red Oak Express about “history’s greatest speech.”

    Last year’s Red Oak 4th grade ELO (Extended Learning Opportunity) Literacy class studied The Gettysburg Address. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the speech, we read and examined it. We wrote the speech in our own words to better understand it.

  • What’s our moral foundation?

     Dear Editor,

    Today, most children in public schools hear nothing of the Bible or of prayer.  Even during school free time a little girl in Arizona was asked by  school officials to not bring her Bible to school any more, as she was  reading it and sharing with other students. 

    Another student in Tennessee was recently suspended for saying, “Bless you” to a fellow student, who  sneezed.

  • Planned Parenthood can’t undo devastation

     Dear Editor, 

    I read with interest the recent Letter to the Editor written by two former employees of Planned Parenthood who said they offered more to patients than just abortion as if the 97 percent helpful activities balanced the 3 percent devastation. That got me thinking - how many good things would Planned Parenthood have to do to make up for killing one baby?

  • Closing of Planned Parenthood does not mean loss of services

     As a former Planned Parenthood Center Manager with nearly 18 years experience, I can assure you that the closure of the Red Oak and Creston abortion facilities will eliminate only one procedure – webcam abortion.

  • Letter to the editor: Planned Parenthood will be missed

     As former Planned Parenthood employees with 26 years of combined employment, we feel there is some misconception with the mission of Planned Parenthood. We were devastated by the closure of the Red Oak and Creston clinics and the impact it will have on the residents in southwest Iowa.

  • Red Oak school district leader’s abilities, motives questioned by reader

     Dear Editor,

    I don’t claim to know it all, and I certainly don’t know allof the politics and legalities of school administration. However, I’m a Mom, community member, and professional in Red Oak and I would like to voice concerns I have regarding recent events and the changes in our school district.    

  • Insight provided into building’s history


    Noticed with interest the photo on page one of last week’s Express the destruction of the building soon to be the Dollar General. Only mention in the article was that it was built in 1950.

  • Reader comments on "doer" letter

     Dear Mr. Orear,

     I must say I am disappointed and appalled that a person who has no acquaintance with Jennifer Horner and quite possibly has never even been in our community could be allowed space on the page to say terrible things about a local citizen. To say that she is the reason that babies will not see an Iowa sunrise or the veiled comparison to Hitler is horrific.

  • Reader has questions for School Board

     s chosen the old tried and true method of dealing with your headache: the buy-out.

    This is hardly the creative solution many hoped for.

    However, it does provide you an opportunity to clear the air by answering questions about how you got into this mess.

    How about providing the public with your side of the story?

    First and foremost, do you intend to deal with any of the allegations High School Principal Jedd Sherman made public?

  • Reader offers thoughts on foreign affairs

     Dear editor,

    I think the world may be about to come to an end. Ms. Miner wrote a column in last week’s paper that I totally agree with.

    If it were up to me, Mr. Cheney and his sock puppet, George W. Bush, would spend the rest of their lives in prison. But it isn’t and they won’t.