• McCain, Ernst could face court martials

     Dear Editor:

    I enjoyed your editorial about the letter from the 47 Senators but you missed a very important point. Any Senator that is retired from the military or is in the National Guard should face a court martial according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and/or the Iowa Code. 

  • Costello fails Iowa businesses

     Dear Editor:

    Iowa businesses contribute greatly to the economic engine of our state. Main Street business owners take risks; they pay taxes and spend hard earned dollars to grow and improve. They also vote people into office who should go to bat for them. 

  • Concerns about Tiger Vision shared

     Dear Editor:

    I would like to mention a couple of things concerning the recently passed “Tiger Vision”.

  • Combat area service is a combat vet

     Dear Editor:

    How could any American citizen, enjoying the life that we have, say that Sen. Joni Ernst is not a combat veteran?

    I had two family members in Iraq at the same time, neither were in battle but they were doing their duty and what they were trained for. One was in intelligence and the other a mechanic on the Cl30s and anything else that needed repair, such as tanks etc. 

  • Support for youth activities urged

     Dear Editor:

    Amazing is the best way to describe school-sponsored activities. We follow as many school activities as possible and thoroughly enjoy watching the youth of our community. We cannot make every activity, but we try to make as many as possible. 

  • Insubordinate senators “fools”

     Dear Editor: 

    A 1966 Stanley Kramer film entitled “Ship of Fools” won eight Academy Awards, including best picture.

    The story the film tells is of a group of misfit passengers on a ship in 1933 traveling to a Europe that is becoming over-powered by Nazis.

  • Local dentists defend fluoridation

     Dear Editor: 

    February was dental health month, and we want people to know how to keep their teeth healthy. Oral hygiene, including a soft toothbrush, floss and fluoride are important. A good diet and regular checkups with your dentist are also essential.

    Some people have questions about these topics that we address on a regular basis. An example: What is fluoridation?

  • Former board member speaks

     Dear Editor:

    The Spirit moved me to write this letter after reading the paper. I see another complaint against our school district has surfaced and then disruption at the city council meeting. 

    Why is everyone so angry and why is there so much mistrust? 

    After serving 12 years on the Red Oak School Board, I want to share my thoughts. 

  • Stanton water tower 1, trees 0

     Dear Editor:

    Let it go, Stanton.

    Progress isn’t holding too tightly to things that have served their purpose. The town of Stanton would be better served to scrap the water tower that is no longer safe or serviceable and create a display of pictures in their cultural center. There is nothing served in preserving this. Stanton has trouble with the concept of letting it go when it’s done.

  • DOD named Ernst combat vet

     To whom it may concern,

    I see where the Huffington Post’s “military expert,” Andrew Reinback, has published a “gotcha” hatchet job on Senator Joni Ernst. He accuses her of embellishing her Iraq service when she claims she is a  combat veteran when,  indeed, she never came under fire.