• Letter on Glenwood pool issue

     I read with interest your column in yesterday’s Express. And you’re right, you don’t have a dog in that fight. Neither do I.

  • Register immediately for health care coverage before March 31 deadline

     The Affordable Health Care Act; also, called Obama Care is the law and anybody who needs health care insurance has the right to obtain a policy that fits their individual and family circumstances.  As the deadline to sign for coverage is Monday, March 31, it is important to take the necessary steps immediately to register for coverage.

  • Contact senators to end dangerous Planned Parenthood webcam abortions

     It was encouraging to hear recently an overwhelming majority of Iowans support the ban on webcam/telemedicine abortions in the State of Iowa. In addition to the huge number of petitions submitted to the Iowa Board of Medicine last year, the results of a University of Iowa poll showing 66.3 percent of Iowans support the ban, and now another major poll coming out of the Des Moines Register March 10  showing 66 percent of Iowans support the ban; it’s clear it’s time for the State Senate to act.

  • Red Oak should offer mandatory garbage pickup

     The City of Red Oak is going to increase the fee it pays to Batten Sanitation to provide recycling services for Red Oak residents — from $3,250/month to $3,600/month — which amounts to $43,200/year). That means that each Red Oak resident will pay more each month on his/her water bill. 

  • Food Pantry successful with community support

     On behalf of the First Baptist Church food pantry, I would like to let everyone know how much we appreciate all the support you have given us. It has enabled us to continue to be there fore the people of Montgomery County who need assistance with food, clothing and etc.

    Whether you gave a large donation or a small one, it means so much and goes so far when the community works together to make things happen. 

  • Raising minimum wage reduces poverty, is smart for economy

     The minimum wage has only been raised three times in the last 30 years.  And the  minimum wage for workers with earnings from tips hasn’t changed from the low $2.13/hour since 1991.  Sen. Harkin (D-IA) and Rep. George Miller (D-CA) are sponsoring The Fair Minimum Wage Act, which would increase the minimum wage in three steps to $10.10/hour and it would ensure that going forward, the minimum wage would be tied to the cost of living index: that only makes sense.

  • Help restore America, acknowledge God

     I’d like to suggest to the people of these United States that we need to turn this country around again. We have chosen to ignore our knowledge of right and wrong (We can’t even seem to obey the speed limit!) and we have approved of whatever seems right in our own eyes. We approve of divorce, abortion, homosexuality, marrying those of our own sex, lying and many other things that are wrong.

  • Horse slaughter amendment is unacceptable

     They will be passing a new federal farm bill soon. 

    The factory farming industry managed to get an amendment added to the farm bill that would get rid of some of our laws that protect animals, workers and the environment.

    This amendment would allow horse slaughter plants to open all across America, which would cause even more overbreeding. Careless breeders rely on horse slaughter to get rid of excess horses and feed their greed. 

  • Reader considers shopping elsewhere

     Dear Editor,

    Since returning to this town a few months ago, I’ve noticed several people complaining about a certain department store around here. They say their items frequently ring up wrong and they get overcharged. Then, the employees normally argue with the customer w hen it is brought to their attention and if it is finally decided the store is wrong, it generally takes three or more cashiers to figure out how to correct the overcharge. 

  • Extending jobless benefits only compounds nation’s problems

     Ms. Miner, I would like to congratulate you. From your columns and the resume/bio at the end of them, it’s apparent your literary prowess has served you well and provided you with gainful employment and income. It seems apparent you’ve never had to walk “on the other side” of the unemployment and wage issues.