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  • On The Side: Brad Hicks

    Frozen with fear, I quickly flipped to another channel. The weather guy was in my face, warning me of the approaching Arctic blast.
    “Expect highs only in the low 20s on Wednesday and Thursday, and, look at that, lows in the single digits Thursday morning.”

  • The Time Capsule | Roy Marshall

    An article that appeared on page 10A of our Nov. 22 edition is one those who appreciate either dogs or local history must have enjoyed. The focus was on two canines that made the journey with Company M from Iowa to war in the Philippines.
    The contributor of the article relied on a book written by Joseph Markey and published by the Thomas D. Murphy Company, which can be read at our county history center, library, or online.
    Markey himself was quite a guy – a one-time Red Oak resident who deserves a biography.

  • Miner Queries | Cherie Miner

    Thanksgiving morning, our house was full of family, a common thing for this holiday. Curt and I were sleeping in the basement to accommodate guests and our old, and now blind, dog’s midnight bathroom trips.

  • Guest Opinion | Catholic Charities

    According to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men. Churches are in a unique position to help survivors, and many are now heeding the call to become active in social justice work. Following are some suggestions on how churches can assist survivors of domestic violence.

  • The Time Capsule | Roy Marshall


    Maj. Ross’ Complete
    Casualty List Shows
    a Total of 223
    for the Company Alone.
    14 Were
    Killed in One Day.

    The above headline appeared in The Red Oak Sun 98 years ago. It caught my eye, in part, because a standard military company is generally considered to consist of 100 troops.

  • Montgomery County History Center | David McFarland

    November will mark the anniversary of the newspaper you are reading this story in.
    Red Oak did not exist in 1855, even though a claim had been filed by a gentleman named Matthews, who was from Page County. He, however, did not follow through; that job fell to Pleasant Jones and Alfred Hebbard.
    Nothing much was happening in the village of Red Oak Junction. It was named that because of Red Oak Creek and the large number of red oaks growing along it, and it was the junction of several roads. Regardless of what you might hear, there was no railroad until 1869.

  • On the Side | Brad Hicks


    About this time 16 years ago, I wrote a piece for the newsletter serving the church I attended, an argument that Christians should be involved in the political process, if for no other reason than to select leaders who would walk in a faithful direction and appoint/approve judges who would protect children, families, marriage and faith.

  • The Time Capsule | Roy Marshall


    Thirteen-year-old Elbridge Boellert was killed 98 years ago this month. He was shot dead on Main Street, in the midst of a large crowd, and yet not a single person seemed to know who was responsible.