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  • On the Side| Brad Hicks

     Fram launched a successful advertising campaign in 1972 regarding oil filters. The catch phrase was “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.” The insinuation was that it would be less expensive to change your filter regularly than to have the entire motor overhauled later.

    While it isn’t a perfect correlation to the Red Oak Community School District’s request that we citizens approve a $19.995 million bond issue next Tuesday, it’s close.

  • The Time Capsule | Roy Marshall

    Those who haven’t read the above words on the label of a nationally known food brand, or seen the billboards or magazine ads or televised commercials, may want to skip this and go to another column.

  • So, Sen. Grassley, what is going to replace Obamacare?

    When I’m due to write a column, I often have trouble deciding which policy or event to respond to, especially since November’s election. But the obvious answer after I opened last week’s paper was health care.

    Thank you for that, Sen. Charles Grassley.

    Sen. Grassley’s May 15 address in the Senate conveniently leaves out the crucial detail of what replaces Obamacare.

  • On the Side | Brad Hicks

    Cancer killed my dad’s dad.

    Cancer killed my dad’s mom.

    Cancer killed my wife’s grandmother, uncle and dad.

    This story is not unique to my family. It is repeated throughout families around the world. Cancer is a scourge that nearly all of us share. It’s an indiscriminant attacker, going after the young, the middle-aged, the old, the seemingly healthy, and those who were exposed to materials that led to their condition.

  • The Time Capsule | Roy Marshall

    The little tree frog, perhaps an inch long, was an amusing acrobat. We met when an early spring frost warning brought a few plants inside and he rolled us out with a hair-raising 3 a.m. wake-up call. He went back out with a palm tree he seemed to call home, and we saw him often. 

  • On the Side| Brad Hicks

    Warning: This might be a bumpy ride.

    Just a reminder, folks – you have a right to your opinion, but you don’t have a right to force others to accept law changes to accommodate your opinion. Let me recommend a really good Don Henley song to you…

  • The Time Capsule | Roy Marshall

    I needed only a few buns.

    While passing through produce, I noticed a young girl – probably under 10 years old – eating grapes from one of the bags offered for sale. A store employee was nearby. I’m sure he saw her, but let it pass.

  • Miner Queries | Cherie Miner

    As I engage in political discussions in various forums, accusations of laziness often come up in relation to poverty. Those of us in financially stable positions take the action (or inaction) of others less financially anchored as laziness. But as I regularly caution, we also usually don’t know the full story, and everybody has a story.