Today's Opinions

  • Guest Editorial: “Making” a case for true crime TV

    It has become the question of the winter of 2016.
    Not: “You’re not seriously voting for Trump, are you?”
    No, this question has danced on the razor-sharp edge of our cultural zeitgeist since dropping  into our collective laps and Smart TVs Dec. 18.
    “Have you watched ‘Making a Murderer’?”

  • The Time Capsule: Remember the Maine, and Ensign Merritt’s ring

    February 15 approaches, a date our newspapers and an emotional public promised Red Oak would never forget. While no one who made this commitment is still living, the significance remains.  Most readers know this, but I suspect not many are aware of the strange mystery of Darwin Merritt’s ring.    

  • Miner Queries: What is in a name? Democratic socialism or communism?

    A recent Facebook meme noted, “The fact that people think democratic socialism equals communism is proof that we need major educational reform.”

  • The Time Capsule: “If Gravity Goes” ... a sign of the times

    Most towns like to welcome visitors with a sign or emblem that provides a message in addition to a name. Omaha, on Interstate 80, remembers the glory days of railroads. Griswold tells us the year the town was established, Villisca chose a symbol of the pork industry, and Lewis is a “Place to call home.” Lyman (or was it Grant?) used humor with a sign on US 71 telling drivers the next three exits were theirs. That sign is gone now, so apparently someone didn’t find it amusing. Atlantic is the Coca-Cola capital, Clarinda the birthplace of Glenn Miller. Red Oak has

  • What's Going On: Final thoughts: What will I miss most?

    It was such a simple question, but I didn’t have an answer.
    What are you going to miss most about Red Oak?
    Not very often am I left speechless, but when that questioned was asked of me at a Rotary Club meeting, presumably my last in Red Oak, I found myself stammering and searching for something to say.
    There is so much I will remember from my time in Red Oak, Montgomery County, and Southwest Iowa, I suddenly had a difficult time answering what would I miss … most.

  • Creeping legislation and gun control laws

    Dear Editor:
    I see that Ms. Miner and the rest of the gun grabbers are still pushing their failed agenda.
    She must not realize most people have caught on to the left wing/socialist/communist tactic of employing creeping legislation to accomplish their agendas; after all, they’ve been dong it for at least half a

  • Square additions should be big news

    Dear Editor:
    I was recently in Red Oak to celebrate my sister’s (Nan Tebrinke’s) 75th birthday. The family had a great dinner at the new restaurant in town, Sauced, on the southeast corner of the square. We had excellent food and service.
    I asked  the owner what was the construction next to the Grand  Theatre. She stated the Grand was expanding, adding another theater next to the  existing one.  These two items are big news in Red Oak and should be headline news items in the Express.   
    John Stilwell

  • Miner Queries: Looking at Flint’s water: Is Iowa next?

    I’ve spent the last two weeks monitoring the news out of Michigan where the city of Flint is dealing with the completely preventable poisoning of its water supply.  How did this happen?
    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican with ties to the Koch Brothers, has spent his tenure working diligently to find ways to destroy unions and strangle government policies that help people in favor of corporate interests. As part of that effort, he’s ousted elected municipal officials and replaced them with appointed managers.