Iowa smoke free homes registry adds user-friendly features

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The Iowa Smoke Free Homes Registry now includes more features to help renters find the smoke-free property that best meets their needs. The registry’s smoke-free rental properties map now also shows transit stops, parks, grocery stores and farmers markets.

The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) Division of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control partnered with the department’s Nutrition and Physical Activity bureau to add community points of interest to help Iowans be more informed about the neighborhood and community when searching for a smoke-free single or multi-unit rental home.

“Over 80 percent of all Iowans are non-smokers and 74 percent of Iowa renters say they would choose to live in a non-smoking building,” said Emily Vogt, who helps coordinate the Smoke Free Homes Registry. “These new map features will make it even easier for renters to find the property best suited for their needs.  

The Smoke Free Homes Registry includes more than 1,200 smoke-free rental properties; a property must have at least one building that is 100% smoke free and must have this specified in the lease language. To learn more and see the properties listed on the registry, visit https://smokefreehomes.iowa.gov. To view the property map, from the home page, click on “Find a Property” and then choose the “Browse Map” tab.