Local book club finishes Mueller report

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By Tess Nelson


A local group of Indivisible Iowa is wrapping up a book club reading of the Mueller Book Club. The group has met weekly the past several weeks dissecting the almost 500-page report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Two of the group’s organizers were Barb Nelson and Jan Norris, both residents of Montgomery County. The fifth and final meeting was Monday, July 8, at The Bridge Coffeehouse in Red Oak with about 20 non-partisan people in attendance.

“Knowledge is power. None of us should allow the pundit of our choice to tell us what to think, and there is no way to make up your mind unless you have it read it yourself,” said Norris.

With the report being long and jam-packed with dry, legal jargon, Nelson and Norris both said if it hadn’t been done in a book club setting, it would have been difficult to read from start to finish.

“It held you accountable,” said Norris.

“It also provided an opportunity to talk over what had been read. I think people were hungry to have the opportunity to delve into this and have someone to share it with,” added Nelson.

The most astounding part of the report for Norris was the final line of the conclusion, which reads, “while the report does not conclude the President did not commit a crime it does not exonerate him.”

“Why are we not standing at the highest mountain screaming, with out hair on fire, this has to be fixed. Somebody has to do something. It’s not a witch hunt. No person in this country is so high that he is above the law,” said Norris

“We’re not going to quit. We’re going to keep reading up about it and listen to the testimony on our own,” Nelson said

At 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16, at Southwestern Community College in Red Oak the group will be viewing, part two, the obstruction element, of The Investigation. Nelson explained it’s like a reader’s theatre from the Mueller report. The public is welcome to attend the free reading.

Members of the group decided to watch Mueller testify before Congress individually but discuss as a group afterwards.

Additionally, Nelson and Norris said they’d like to continue the book club, despite having completed the Mueller report. Nelson said they might read the Constitution, next.

“We all know what the Constitution is, what it stands for, but how many of us have read it?” Nelson said. “We want to continue becoming informed.”

Radio Iowa and the Christian Science Monitor have done articles referring to the local book club. Norris and Nelson are both active in the Democratic party.