Montgomery County election results

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By Nick Johansen

Numerous voters in Montgomery County headed for the polls Tuesday to vote in the 2018 General Election.

Republican Rudy Kinnard took in 593 total votes to win the election for Montgomery County Supervisor, District One. Incumbent Steve Ratcliff did not seek re-election.

Republican incumbent Mike Olson ran unopposed for County Supervisor, District Two, and earned 563 votes.

Republican incumbent Mark Peterson ran unopposed for County Supervisor, District Four, receiving 826 votes.

Republican Tera Hughes was elected as the new Montgomery County Treasurer, with 3,405 votes.

Republican Carleen Bruning was re-elected as Montgomery County Recorder, with 3,399 votes.

Republican Drew Swanson ran unopposed for Montgomery County Attorney. Incumbent Bruce Swanson is not seeking re-election. Swanson received 3,178 votes

In other local county races, Jill Bergstrom, Kevin Cabbage, and Michelle Pruss are vying for the two seats of the Montgomery County Hospital Trustees. Bergstrom and Cabbage were the top two vote-getters, with 2,478 for Bergstrom and 2,044 for Cabbage. Pruss received 1,416 votes.

Kirk Baird and Roger Cerven are running for two seats of the Soil & Water Conservation District Commissioners. Baird earned 2,787 votes and Cerven 2,658.

Kent Swanson took the vacant third seat for the Soil & Water Conservation Commissioners. He earned 3,191 votes.

Five seats are up for grabs for County Agricultural Extension Council Members, and four candidates are on the ballot. Susan Bergren, Scott Bruce, Lori DeKay, and Shelly Erickson-Graham. There is no one on the ballot running to fill the vacant seat of the County Agricultural Extension Council Members. Final totals were Bruce, 2721; Bergren, 2428; DeKay, 2348; and Erickson-Graham, 2050.

Mark Allen received 100 votes for Frankfort Township Trustee, while Greta McCarthy received 100 for Clerk.

Bryan Huff earned 84 votes for Garfield Township Trustee, and Ron Gerit 83 votes for Clerk.

There were no candidate filings for Trustee and Clerk in Grant Township.

William Thomas received 70 votes for Lincoln Township Trustee, and Connie Mellott 73 for Clerk.

Merlin Rasmussen got 77 votes for Pilot Grove Township Trustee, with Vivian Rasmussen received 75 for Clerk.

Wayne Peterson earned 156 votes Red Oak Township Trustee, and Gordon Arnold 147 for Clerk.

No candidates filed for Trustee in the Sherman, Washington, and West Townships. Also, there were no candidate filings for Washington Township Clerk. Jo Good filed for Clerk in the Sherman Township, receiving 73 votes, and Joseph Jardon filed for Clerk in the West Township, getting 75 votes

Two public measures are on the ballot, one for the City of Red Oak, and the other for Montgomery County. Both measures passed, 764-372 for Public Measure A, and 1,166-631 for Public Measure B.

Public Measure A states: “To authorize imposition of a local sales and services in the unincorporated area of the county of Montgomery, at the rate of one percent (1 percent) to be effective from July 1, 2019 and until June 30, 2032. Revenues from the sales and services tax shall be allocated as follows:

• 100 percent for property tax relief in the unincorporated area of the county of Montgomery.

The specific purposes for which the revenues shall otherwise be expended are:

• 80 percent for Secondary Roads.

• 10 percent for Public Safety.

• 5 percent for Montgomery County Buildings Infrastructure.

• 5 percent for the Montgomery County Agriculture Society.”

Public Measure B states: “To authorize the imposition of a local sales and services tax in the City of Red Oak, at the rate of one percent (1 percent) to be effective from July 1, 2019. A local sales and service tax shall be imposed in the City of Red Oak at the rate of one percent (1 percent) to be effective from July 1, 2019. Revenues from the sales and services tax shall be as follows:

• 50 percent for Property Tax Relief.

• 40 percent for Public Safety.

• 5 percent for Economic Development.

• 5 percent for the creation of, improvement to, and maintenance of community recreation projects through the Red Oak Park & Tree Board.

Statewide races include United States Representative District Three. The final votes were: Republican David Young, 2,628; Democrat Cindy Axne, 1,203; Libertarian Bryan Jack Holder, 62; Green Party candidate Paul Knupp, 19; Legal Medical Now candidate Mark Elworth Jr., 29; and Joe Grandanette, 6. While he won the county, he lost the race to Axne.

In the Iowa Governor’s race, the votes were: Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, 2,645; Democrat Fred Hubbell, 1,215; Libertarian Jake Porter, 77; and Clear Water Party of Iowa candidate Gary Siegwarth, 19. Reynolds was projected to win the race.

For Secretary of State, the results were: Republican Paul Pate, 2,692, Democrat Deidre DeJear, 1,075, and Libertarian Jules Ofenbahk, 93. Pate was projected to win.

In the race for State Auditor, the results were: Republican Mary Mosiman, 2,612; Democrat Rob Sand, 1,111, and Libertarian Fred Perryman, 120. Sand was projected to unseat Mosiman.

In the race for Treasurer of the State, Democratic incumbent Michael Fizgerald earned 1,414 votes; Republican Jeremy Davis, 2,352; and Libertarian Timothy Hird, 87. Fitzgerald was projected to retain the seat.

Republican Mike Naig, who as appointed Secretary of Agriculture after the departure of Bill Northey, earned 2,586 votes; Democrat Tim Gannon, 1,131; and Libertarian Rick Stewart, 131. No winner has been projected yet.

Democratic incumbent Tom Miller ran for re-election as Attorney General, earning 2,228 votes; and Libertarian Marco Battaglia, 850 votes. Miller was projected to win re-election.

For State Representative District 023, Republican David Sieck received 1,888 votes, and Democrat Chuck Larson, 886. Sieck was projected to win.

For State Representative District 24, Republican Cecil Dolecheck earned 799 votes, and Democrat James Uhlenkamp 280. Dolecheck was projected to win.

The final issue on the ballot was the retention of Court of Appeals Judges Anuradha Vaitheswaran, Michael Mullins, and Mary Ellen Tabor, District Judge Greg Steensland, and District Associate Judes Amy Zacharias and Craig Dreismeier. Montgomery County voters voted to retain all the judges.