ROPD issues warning

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By The Express

The Red Oak Police Department has been contacted by a parent, stating that while waiting for their child to get off the school bus, was approached by an individual stating they were getting information for a kid’s safety network or had child safety kit information. The parent was asked to give the child’s information and finger prints. The parent requested the individual return when both parents were home and there has been no return visit.

This event occurred during the week of October 15-19. The Red Oak Police Department has been unable to verify with any groups in town that would be conducting this type of event or solicitation. There is not enough information to state this is a bogus or legitimate company or effort ongoing, but we would like the public’s help to verify. If anyone is approached with a similar event or questioning please contact the law enforcement center (712-623-6500), so an officer may respond and verify validity of the company or individual. AND, please as a reminder, do not give any information on child or adult to a source that you do not know or have researched properly.