Brown promoted to CIO at CRHC

Clarinda Regional Health Center (CRHC) CEO Chuck Nordyke is excited to announce that CRHC has received certification in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) through StonehillDEI and to further the DEI initiative, has promoted Maggie Brown to Chief Inclusion Officer.

Nordyke states, “Maggie will do a great job in this role and has already put together teams to start making improvements. This change emphasizes our dedication to the DEI initiative and really sets us ahead of many hospitals in Iowa as we are the first to receive this certification and are now working with StonehillDEI to potentially roll out this program with other hospitals through the Iowa Hospital Association (IHA). A diverse and inclusive culture is the first step in lowering healthcare disparities.”

According to Dr Mary Mincer Hansen, StonehillDEI partner and former Director of the Iowa Department of Public health, “Research shows that diverse organizations outperform their peers. It is also known that DEI is not a numbers game but a culture change. StonehillDEI has identified the most powerful practices and processes that support success in today’s complex and challenging environment. They produce a strong culture of belonging and respect for everyone, critical to fully serving today’s communities, attracting & retaining the needed workforce, and reaching goals through collaboration & innovation. Clarinda Regional Health Center’s achievement, as the first organization in Iowa to be DEI certified by StonehillDEI as an Inclusive, Equitable Organization, positions them on the cutting edge of retaining and recruiting individuals to promote health equity and community engagement.”

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