Park and Tree Board approves adult pool manager salary

The Red Oak Park and Tree Board has finalized a job description for the new position of an adult pool manager.
The board reviewed the job description at the regular meeting March 8. Board member Amy Strebe asked if the position would be in charge of coordinating pool chemical levels. Park Superintendent Adam Van Der Vliet said they would be responsible for some tasks, but not all.
“They won’t do the complete chemical side of things, but they will do the testing. Typically, they test the levels about once an hour, so during the season, the manager will run the chlorine levels and the PH levels once per hour,” Van Der Vliet said.
Van Der Vliet added the job description was based off of a number of similar postings for pool managers and similar positions.
“We tried to cherry-pick some of the things we liked, some of the things we already have at our pool, and some of the things that are required of other jobs that we’d like to have handled by the manager of our pool,” commented Van Der Vliet.
Board member Alex McFarland asked if the job description listed a specific start time and end time for each day. Van Der Vliet said they settled on a schedule of a 40 hour week, with some flexibility.
“If you look at our pool being typically open seven days a week. The manager usually gets to city hall around 11:30 a.m. to get the money. I don’t think saying 40 hours a week is a necessity, as long as they’re there to cover shifts or certain events. If they need to run out a couple hours during the afternoon, and then come back before closing, I think that’s fine, and with what they’re working, they’ll probably be close to 40 hours, anyway,” advised Van Der Vliet.
The adult pool manager job description was approved, as presented, by the park and tree board.
The board also discussed setting the wage for the pool manager. Van Der Vliet said they determined a salary based on similar wages around the area.
“The higher end was in the $16 or $17 range, but with those higher ranges, they were usually able to certify lifeguards. We settled on a salary of $15 per hour. That gives us a starting point for this year, it’s higher than the assistant managers, and a step up from what we’ve paid in the past,” Van Der Vliet stated.
The board approved setting the salary of the assistant pool manager as presented.
The board also discussed a request from the Red Oak Farmers Market for use of Fountain Square Park for the 2023 farmers market, and Lettuce Entertain U family fun night events.
Spokesperson Maggie McQuown said in addition to the listed requests, they were also interested in usage on July 7.
“We have the Union County Trio booked on July 7, and we’d knd of like to make that an extension of the July 4 celebration with a bring your own beverage celebration in the park, such as alcohol. I’d get the alcohol permit through Red Oak City Hall. The Union County Trio are all members of the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and recently performed at the Wilson. We also have insurance lined up through Davis-Taylor Insurance,” McQuown explained.
The board approved the requests from the Red Oak Farmers Market as presented.
In other business, the board:
• Approved the lifeguard manual for the Red Oak Municipal Pool. Van Der Vliet said there were no changes.
• Approved a request from Brett Eubank, representing the Jordan Vannausdle Athletic Association, for use of the sports complex fields and Chautauqua fields for baseball and softball usage, pending proof of liability insurance.
• Approved a bid for a new lawnmower, at a cost of $12,500, from AgriVision.

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