• Montgomery County History Center | Dave McFarland

    The Montgomery County History Center is constantly doing research into our local history. You might think that search would have its limits, but it often surprises one.

  • The Time Capsule | Roy Marshall

    People who know more about it than I do say feral cats are a problem that, in places, has reached epidemic proportions.

    What I do know is that late on the afternoon of July 4, someone contributed by dumping a litter about half of a mile from our home. A witness told me a couple of days ago that she’d seen it happen. By that time, I’d already dealt with two of the victims.

  • Mud Fence Creations | Conni Delinger

    I am a recent transplant to Stanton, and I have been invited to share my humor column with our readers. I will be writing approximately once a month, and I look forward to your feedback. If you enjoy it, please tell the publisher; if you do not enjoy it, please tell me!

  • On the Side| Brad Hicks

    The calendar has turned to August. That means many things, and among them is the fact that it’s just 74 days until The Red Oak Express’ annual Barb Gray Memorial Chili Cook-Off.

    Yes, the event that transcends all fall activities will be back for another year. It will be on Friday, Oct. 13, and if that’s not scary enough, I might even whip up my own chili this year to share with the public in the hours before the last Red Oak Tigers home football game of the season. That said, we are in need of a few things.

    Cook-off entrants needed

  • The Time Capsule | Roy Marshall

    “If one of my cartoons has brought joy and laughter to just one person, if I have been able to make just ONE person simply smile or forget their troubles for only a moment, then that cartoon, clearly, was NOT worth drawing.” -Gary Larson, cartoonist.

     The most expensive book in my office library, and the heaviest, is “The Complete Far Side.” The cost was $120 plus shipping which, as it weighs twenty pounds, was significant.

  • History Center | Dave McFarland

    Editor’s Note: The following story is told in letter form, based on exerpts from letters written home to Red Oak during World War II by Reuben Dumler. Most of the letters were to his mother, but some things are taken from letters to his sisters, one in Red Oak and one in Villisca.

    October, 1939

    Dear Mom,

    Well I finally made it to Colorado and have gotten settled in. I love working on the ranch. Guess you can say I am a real cowboy now. Found me a great little cabin....

    January, 1942 / Fort Bliss, TX

    Dear Mom,

  • The Time Capsule | Roy Marshall

    There’s the deckle and the bark, the money muscle and the Texas crutch, the shiner and the 160 stall; a place where a spare has nothing to do with tires and neither does a blowout, where a mop never touches the floor, a fat cap is good and low and slow the way to go.

    BBQ-ers have a language of their own.

  • Miner Queries | Cherie Miner

    Is anybody else exhausted? Last week during my fifth vacation Bible school, the steam heat, and an endless list of engagements, I came home each night to the latest development in the Trump Russia scandal.

    As the New York Times reported, Donald Trump, Jr. met with an attorney tied to the Russian government after being offered opposition research on Hillary Clinton. Instead of notifying the FBI about the offer from a foreign government, Trump Jr. convinced campaign manager Paul Manafort and his brother-in-law Jared Kushner to attend the meeting.

  • The Time Capsule | Roy Marshall

    A local grocery, on a recent weekend, had watermelons on sale. Large boxes of them were displayed inside and out. At one, a lady was thumping. The sight brought memories, including those of another way.

  • On the Side| Brad Hicks

    Visa, a purveyor of plastic purchasing power, has declared war on cash. Don’t take my word for it, take his.

    “We are declaring war on cash,” Andy Gerlt, a spokesman for Visa, said.

    The banking giant wants to push more small businesses into updating their digital payment technology, offering up to $10,000 each to 50 U.S.-based small business owners who are committed to going cashless.