• Resident urges city officials to save tree

    Dear Mayor Schoonover, City Councilmen and Mr. Wright,
    I live on North 3rd Street, just south of Coolbaugh. I am concerned it appears the City is considering cutting down the basswood tree that currently stands on the southwest corner of 3rd and Coolbaugh.
    As I understand from the workers who were trimming the tree recently, the tree may be removed because of the large number of birds that have settled there, which are noisy and foul the sidewalk below.

  • Phillips: Teachers do care about the NEA

    Dear Editor,
    The headline in Marge Warder’s Aug. 17 editorial asks “Do Teachers Know or Care about the NEA?”
    Obviously, they do.
    The National Education Association, the largest professional association in the country, has more than 3.2 million members. Its state affiliate, the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA), represents 34,000 professional educations. That’s because the NEA/ISEA provides its members with many benefits while advocating strongly on behalf of quality public education.

  • Republicans must start presenting health care solutions

    Dear Editor,
    I am responding to your coverage of Rep. King’s visit, in which I was quoted.
    The general message was correct, but I wanted to clarify the points that were made.
    I am extremely concerned that the Republican Party as a whole (my party of choice by the way – I’ve been a registered Republican since I was 18 years old) has failed to present solutions or any type of healthcare reform that will enable Americans to keep and secure affordable health insurance coverage.  

  • Patriot Guard Rider: We are not a 'gang'

    Dear editor,
    “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING RED OAK — Law enforcement, counter protestors, a motorcycle “gang,” and several onlookers came downtown Saturday morning in response to seven members of   Westboro Baptist Church, protesting a local funeral.”
    You refer to the Patriot Guard Riders as a “gang.”

  • Light clearly needed at Hwy. 34 intersection

    How many accidents do we need at the intersection of 34 and 4th before a traffic light is installed?
    No you don’t have to spend $100,000 dollars to do a study.
    That intersection services  The Diesel Clinic, Orscheln, Southwest Community Coll-ege, Medicap and many other businss on the service road.
    Someone better get their head out of the sand and spend a couple bucks where it is really need rather the putting up “RED OAK” signs in places where they are hardly ever seen!

  • Resident disagrees with mandatory trash, lack of citizens' input

    Dear Editor,
    On Monday, July 17, citizens gathered at the Red Oak Fire Station to attend the City Council meeting.
    The agenda item concerning mandatory trash pickup was brought up for consideration. At no time were the attending citizens allowed to speak on this issue by voicing their opinions.
    Mr. Wright said he had already contacted a Des Moines firm to be consultants and report their findings. The Council voted to accept the proposal. I wonder where the money to pay for this fact-finding will come from. I don’t believe they come for free.

  • Walker disputes need for mandatory trash pickup in Red Oak

    Dear Editor,
    The special meeting of the City Council claimed I wanted to have a mandatory garbage pick up for Red Oak that would require all household property owners to pay on their water bills.
    I did not want that, all I wanted was to have the City of Red Oak cleaned up.
    Old cars, trash, tires, and woodpiles need cleaning and yards need mowing to make the city more appealing for new factories and industry to come to Red Oak. It would also just make the community look better, and give residents a reason to take pride in the town they live.

  • President Obama’s 'can do' attitude will overcome negativism, criticism

    Dear Editor,
    In the World Cup soccer match the Dutch competed with an overly aggressive attitude toward the Spanish.  That obviously contributed to Holland’s loss to Spain.
    For months, the Republican leaders of the Senate and House, Sen. Mitch Mc Connell and Rep. John Boehner have whined and reacted negatively to everything the President and the Democrats proposed yet they offered no alternative solutions.