Today's Opinions

  • Celebrating the Thanksgiving melting pot

    If everyone in your great-grandparents or grandparents’ families could join you for Thanksgiving dinner, how many, and who, would be sitting at your table? If my extended family met to humbly thank God for His provisions this Thursday, we would definitely be an example of America’s “melting pot.”
    My mother’s grandparents, none of whom Mom met, were Swedish. They never visited their daughter and her family in America and by the time Mom and her sisters went to Sweden, their living relatives were mostly cousins.

  • Learning to make the versatile Lefse

    While writing an article for the Swedish Heritage News-letter I happened across a second Mrs. Olson and a recipe so good, the ingredients so readily available, it’s hard to imagine why so many of us have never enjoyed a good old lefse.    
    Everyone knows about the local girl who went to Hollywood.  
    As Virginia Christine, she made her first movie appearance in 1943, followed with dozens more, then did a ton of television shows.  

  • Paying tribute to a decorated war hero

    I have no idea where this originated, and for that, I apologize for not giving credit to the original author.
    However, when this made it’s way into my e-mail inbox this week, I felt it more than appropriate to run in my column space, after verifying it’s accuracy.
    I hope you enjoy it.
     You're a 19-year-old kid.
    You're critically wounded and dying in the jungle somewhere in the Central Highlands of Vietnam .
    It's Nov. 11, 1967.  

  • Little towns that are taking a stand

    Most of us live quiet lives, avoiding involvement in the fray we hear, see or read about that goes on elsewhere.
    Would reading about bold people who do something when they feel the smoldering coal in the pit of their stomach refresh you?
    In King, N.C., a resident didn't like having a Christian flag flying amongst nearly a dozen flags above a park's war memorial.

  • ‘So how do you like it, sonny boy?’

    A recent news article tells of a 90-year-old Nebraska grandma who is radical about her Cornhuskers.
    She is less than politically correct when talking about opponents. She hates ‘em.  All of ‘em. For her money, Nebraska can’t score enough points.  
    She appears regularly on a sports talk show out of Omaha, depicting her team as the righteous, the opposition as heathens deserving of crucifixion.      

  • Writer criticizes columnist for history references

    Dear Editor,
    How interesting it is the "Pen in the Parsonage" should bring up the topic of incomplete history in our history books. Marge Warder making a "saint" of Christopher Columbus was about as close to insanity as anything I have seen in a long time! On Columbus's  visit to the New World, he left behind STD's and took hostages to be used as slaves on his return home!
    Would the "Pen in the Parsonage" agree his actions speak louder than his words?

  • Insanity rules at 2010 mid-term election

    A few thoughts from last week’s election:
    — Maybe someone smarter than me (I know, where does the line start) can explain why it matters if the County Recorder is a Republican or a Democrat. Or the Sheriff. Or treasurer. Or auditor.
    I’ve never figured out why county elected officials have to declare a party affiliation. It seems pointless. Those elected to city offices don’t, but if they did, I’d bet they too would all choose to be Republicans, regardless of their true political leanings.

  • Worldwide and community events this week

    Most of us human beings like to be part of a community. Sometimes we get into our groups because of a need, sometimes because others and we benefit by doing so, and sometimes because it's just pleasant to be with likeminded individuals.
    Several opportunities are available this week. Some of these would not have been possible a few years ago.
    Tuesday, at noon and at 7 p.m., individuals may take part in a worldwide prayer event.