Today's Opinions

  • Fabulous mustard, and Mother Podolak’s chili

    Do you enjoy a dab of mustard on your hot dog, bratwurst, or breakfast cereal, but find the yellow tubs less than aesthetically pleasing?  
    Did you ever invert a squeeze bottle and douse your food with runny yellow water?  Are you tired of plain old mustard?  Would you like to try a genuine, old-fashioned Germ-an variety you make yourself, won’t separate, and tastes better than any you can buy?  
    If you answered yes to any of these questions Ida Schmitt McGaffin has good news.  

  • Campbell’s campaign lacked needed effort

    All the moons seemed to be lining up for Matt Campbell.
    When the Council Bluffs attorney announced he’d be running against Steve King for the U.S. Congress, I thought he had a really good chance to unseat the four-term incumbent.
    While I’m well aware of the Republican-stranglehold in Southwest Iowa and King’s undeniable popularity (as evident by the ease of previous re-election campaigns), Campbell had plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

  • Can you answer these history questions?

    Some want to ignore the role of Biblical faith in the founding of our nation. Some misquote founders and early documents. Re-writing history is an injustice to our founders and to us.
    Lately we’ve heard political ads and arguments from individuals seeking power. Now we will see if the “winners” remember our founders’ intentions for this great nation, or if they will stray from that foundation.
    Here’s a five-question history quiz. There is no reason to panic since you’ll grade yourself. Many of you will get perfect scores.

  • Revisiting Thor Stanton Wickstrom

    In last week’s column I pointed out names of some of our area’s early settlers—names like Dimple and Pluma and Philander—names once popular that have fallen into disuse.  
    I concluded by mentioning that in 1960 the editor of Stanton’s newspaper demonstrated his love of home-town, pride in Swedish heritage, and unquenchable Viking spirit by naming his newborn son Thor Stanton Wickstrom.  
    Interestingly, Mr. Wick-strom sold the newspaper four months later and moved his family to Florida.  

  • Villisca Power Plant superintendent urges no vote on Nov. 2

    A No vote is required on Nov. 2 in Villisca. We must retain the seated Board of Trustees.
    Surely this Rogue Board Member knows the difference between apples and oranges. VMPP is in a portion of the grid where MidAmerican is not able to serve us with power. Currently, Villisca’s power is wheeled through Central Iowa Power Co Operative. We purchase through Western Area Power Administration and Southern Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association.

  • Our Barb was a woman who made a big difference

    A few months ago, just after the Grand Theater reopened, I became aware they weren’t paying for color in their weekly advertisement.
    A member of the board that oversees the theatre’s management told me the Express’ advertising representative had said they could have the color free of charge.
    I’m ashamed to admit I was more than a little irritated at Barb. I don’t mind cutting an advertiser a deal, or making a donation to a worthy cause, but when it’s the newspaper’s resources being given away, I have to know about it.

  • Time to be grateful for a bountiful harvest

    Having grown up on a farm, I enjoy watching the fields of Iowa change as farmers prepare, plant, and now in this nearly perfect fall, gather in the reward for their labors.

  • Revisiting some now extinct first names

    Mothers, I think, put more thought into the naming of their children than do fathers.  
    They do a fine job. Solid old names that have been around since biblical times are re-cycled, and now and then someone comes up with a name previously unknown.  
    Parents have every right to use whatever name they choose. I’m puzzled, though, by the fact that so many perfectly good names, names that served well the people who settled and civilized this area, have been abandoned.