Today's Opinions

  • Objection raised to ‘Cheap Christian’ column

    Dear Editor,
    I have an objection to your recent column “cheap Christians?”
    Is the tithe a “mandate from God?”
    I would agree that under the Old Covenant (Mosaic Law) it was a commandment to tithe.
    But you might consider these two points:
    One: Under the Old Covenant this tithe (10%) paid for a number of religious and civil obligations such as the Levite sacrificial system, poverty, and the military.

  • Writer disagrees with mandatory trash pick-up

    Dear Editor,
    I read your article about Mandatory trash pickup in this week’s paper and I have the following comments to it. 
    First I doubt if the city will allow for two haulers in the same community, most communities don’t because you have to coordinate with two companies instead of one.  And I personally do not like one that is available in the city.  
    Plus, I’ve lived where man-datory trash pick up has been and the results weren’t great.  

  • Why food stamp soda ban is a good idea

    During his successful campaign for New York City Mayor a few years ago, Michael Bloomberg promised to use his office to combat obesity.
    After banning the use of transfat in New York City restaurants, Bloomberg now has sights set on another big contributor to the growing obesity problem: soda.
    Bloomberg has requested the federal government to allow the City to put soda on the no-buy list for food stamps.
    One in eight Americans currently use food stamps to purchase grocery items. And, those 40-plus million Americans purchased $4 billion in soda in 2009.

  • When David beat Goliath: The 1960 state champion Vikings

    In 1960 a team from Stanton High School brought home the state championship. 
    What they did was remarkable, undiminished by the passage of time, and the golden anniversary of their feat should not pass without mention. 
    Many of us, given the choice between a football crown and immortality, would want some time to weigh the options. 
    But we must admit there are classifications and therefore several schools take a state title every year.  No team wins it all since each school plays only those of comparable size. 

  • Learning to audible in life

    After seven long years on a waiting list, last summer my name came up to be the proud owner of a pair of Denver Broncos season tickets. 
    Since I moved to Iowa a year ago, I called friends and family from Colorado, along with finding a new orange and blue friend in Red Oak to divvy up the tickets without any going to waste.
    A couple of weeks ago I saw my first game as the Broncos squared off against one of the greatest QBs of all time, Peyton Manning, and the Indianapolis Colts.

  • Mandatory trash pick-up seems to make lots of sense

    I just don’t get it.
    Maybe I’m dense. Some days, my wife says I’m very dense, so maybe she can explain this to me: Why is mandatory trash pick up such an offensive idea?
    I have heard little to no support for the City Council regarding this issue, and I can’t wrap my mind around why.
    This seems like a no-brainer. I don’t want my neighbor piling up trash in his garage, back yard, shed or basement.

  • Washington rallies give citizens a voice

    Washington D.C. is where our employees gather to govern us. Washington D.C. can become a rallying-site where the unelected urge the elected to carefully govern.
    In late August, the “Restoring Honor Rally” became a call to gather those who think our high-paid federal employees need to put on the spending brakes and pause long enough to regain sound footing on the ideals and principles that brought this nation into being.

  • Revisiting some timeless etiquette advice from ‘Dr.’ Sloan

    “Sloan’s Handy Hints and Up-To-Date Cook-Book” was published in 1901 and made its way to Montgomery County shortly thereafter.
    A few copies survive and make delightful reading even today. 
    Dr. Sloan used the book to promote his medications, writing that “Dr. Sloan’s Liniment Stops Pain for You and Your Horse.”
    The recipes are equally useless, but Dr. Sloan’s advice on etiquette is timeless. 
    Here are a few examples: