Today's Opinions

  • A look at the Farmer's Holiday Association in 1932

    Let’s call a Farmer’s Holiday, A Farmer’s Holiday we’ll hold, We’ll eat our wheat and ham and eggs, And let them eat their gold.

    The first farm unity speech Milo Reno delivered in Montgomery County took place in Villisca on January 6, 1921. Reno’s message became more extreme as years passed, and when he was in Red Oak in 1932 it was to urge farmers to go on strike—a strike destined to become violent.

  • The Red Oak Chamber of Commerce evolves

    The Red Oak Chamber of Commerce is no more.

    A general membership meeting occurred Thursday at the Red Coach Inn, and a resolution was unanimously approved to dissolve the group and merge into the newly-formed Red Oak Chamber and Industry Association.

    The Red Oak Industrial Foundation had already dissolved, and a new director has been on the job for more than a month, steering the ROCIA.

  • Starting with a cannon and ending with beer

    This week we’ll catch up on some unfinished business, the first having to do with the mysterious disappearance of a cannon from our courthouse lawn.

  • Teens help change lives each September

    Twenty years ago, a group of teenagers in Burleson, Texas, a suburb of Ft. Worth, began a movement that continues to impact lives of individuals around the world.

    According to the website for “See you at the pole,” on a Saturday night early in 1990, a small group of teens were attending a “DiscipleNow” meeting when they became convicted to get their own lives right with God. As is true in any Christian’s life, when one’s own relationship with the Lord is right, there is compassion for others, so the teens wanted to pray for their friends.

  • Why do they call it 'Labor Day'?

    So, did you have a great Labor Day?

    Get lots of neat presents? Oh wait, that’s Christmas. Eat lots of food and watch football all day? Never mind, that’s Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

    Dress up like a ghost or ghoul or chase a mythical rabbit in search for candy? Oh yeah, that’s Halloween and Easter. Well, surely you blew something up, or did something otherwise patriotic. I forgot, that’s Independence and Memorial Day.

    Basically, when you get right down to it, Labor Day doesn’t have much going for it.

  • Tesla, mechanical and electrical genius

    One of the magazines I subscribe to is mostly about gardening and small livestock. The content is often beneficial, although the most recent edition carried an opinion expressing deep concern that grasshoppers were actually being killed in the name of pest control. The same edition uses the word “green” at least 44 times (only once as a color), and includes nearly twenty references to the threat of “global warming” or “climate change.”

  • Have you heard what October is?

    I write this column with a little reluctance. Still, I’m venturing forth. I’ll just say it’s primarily for people in any church but the one my husband pastors.

    Fair enough? If you’re from “our” church, skip this column.

    Some customs get established without everyone realizing it. October may have one of those customs that church members might want to know.

  • Understanding what freedom stands for

    On the outside of the Red Oak Express’ building, a plaque commemorating the building’s dedication states:

    “This building, completed in 1964 and this newspaper established in 1868 are dedicated to freedom in its fullest sense and to the perpetuation of our American way of life.”

    One of the more clever advertising slogans is “as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.” But really, is there anything more American than freedom?