Today's Opinions

  • Velveeta celebrates 80 years with Kraft

    This week in the Capsule, we commemorate an 80th wedding anniversary — that of the 1928 marriage between Velveeta Cheese and Kraft Foods. Miss Cheese was not an actual cheese, but Mr. Kraft knew it and minded not at all. The union has endured, although Velveeta’s stature has suffered in recent years.  Velveeta came into the world in 1918, the concoction of a New York cheese maker looking for something to do with left-over whey and other mysterious ingredients. The product sold well and became a separate company.

  • Area readers prefer The Red Oak Express

     The Red Oak Express hit one of its highest notes in years last week.

  • Editor didn’t like juke box in Stanton

    Bernie Wickstrom was the long-time editor of a newspaper he named The Stanton Viking.  In the 1950s, Wickstrom,  always active in community affairs, promoted the building of a state park, placed himself in the middle of school re-organization battles and tried to talk the city into water fluoridation.   He also witnessed the coming of the juke box, and liked it not at all  In the March 19, 1959, edition of his paper, he wrote: A new item of torture has been added to the White City Café.

  • The Red Oak Express welcomes your letters

    The Express welcomes letters about local issues, activities and politics. Letters to the editor should be submitted by 9 a.m. Friday for publication the following Tuesday.