Today's Opinions

  • Why doesn't Ernst backing S.901?

     Dear Sen. Ernst, fellow Vet:

    I want to know why you have not yet co-sponsored S.901: Toxic Exposure Research Act of 2015 - A bill to establish in the Department of Veterans Affairs a national center for research on the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions of the descendants of veterans exposed to toxic substances during service in the Armed Forces that are related to that exposure, to establish an advisory board on such health conditions, and for other purposes).

  • Letter to the editor: No Labels plan is praiseworthy

    To the Editor:

    I don’t read Fortune magazine often, as I have neither a fortune nor the means to obtain one, but earlier this week I was reading the May 1 edition at my wife’s doctor’s office and was intrigued to find information on a bi-partisan group bent on influencing the next president’s agenda, and Congress’s reaction to it. 

  • On the side: Signing off



    Everywhere a sign.

    Well, not quite.

    The Red Oak Express sign’s days are numbered.

    No, we aren’t a Taurus.

  • Letter to the editor: Let's stamp out hunger

     This Saturday, May 14, marks the 24th anniversary of the National Association of Letter Carriers “Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.” The donations collected locally go directly to the food pantries in Red Oak.

    The need for donations at the food pantry is always great. 

  • Letter to the editor: Who cares what they think?

     To the Editor:

    I can’t imagine why anyone here is even marginally interested in the generally uninformed opinion of some West Coast journalist. (Career assistance company labels Red Oak laziest city in Iowa, April 19, 2016, edition of The Express) 

  • Letters to the editor: Games being played

     To the Editor:

    In recent years, the American people have been forced to deal with the poor job performance of Congress; namely, the Republican majority’s game of obstructing any progressive action on important issues. (Even the pot holes remain and are more expensive to fix).  

  • The Time capsule: Lake Darling, Viking Lake and the Hultman Trail

     The “Hultman Trail” sign, apparently a victim of old age and weather, has been gone for months. This hardly seems worth mentioning – not many noticed and even fewer have any idea of the sign’s significance. Bernie Wickstrom did, and if he still ran a newspaper he’d throw a shoe. 

  • On The Side: The 'Pilot Project'

     Internet access is vital for today’s economic development ventures. Most businesses need access for point-of-sale devices that take credit and debit cards or for storing data off-site.

    Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced funding for five small U.S. towns in a pilot project aimed at providing broadband service for downtown revitalization and economic development.