• Outside Iowa: Making the final push for gobblers

    As long as it for spring to actually arrive, Iowa’s spring turkey season is drawing to a close. I love chasing gobblers, but I am also ready to catch up on some sleep and really devote my time to ripping lips. The season officially ends May 19, which means we’re more than half way to June already. Wow. If any of you still have a 4th season tag in your pocket, don’t pitch it yet. A final day bird is a good possibility if you are willing to work for it!

  • Outside Iowa: This is the year for learning

    Before I jump headfirst into the year’s fishing efforts I like to set some goals.

    That in itself has been rather challenging because winter just won’t let go.

    Last week’s dose of winter weather in May was hard to take. To be honest right now, if I could punch Mother Nature in the face, I just might…

    OK, that’s a bit harsh, but in all reality, this has been the worst spring weather I can remember. Snow in May? When is the last time that happened?

  • Two Pennsylvania residents plead guilty to hunting violations in Taylor County

    BEDFORD — After a more than two-year long investigation, two Pennsylvania residents who were part owners of Whitetail Fantasies, a hunting guide business, have pleaded guilty to illegal deer hunting charges in Taylor County.

  • Outside Iowa: Last minute hunting for turkeys

    Iowa’s final spring turkey season of 2013 is at hand and if you are looking for your second—or even first bird of the season—don’t fret.

    There are plenty of proven late season tactics that will put a beak in the dirt for you.

    I love hunting the late part of Iowa’s seasons, but one thing is for sure—it can be tough.

    As with every other season, and turkeys in general, the time you put into your scouting efforts will pay off big-time.

  • Montgomery YMCA completes Live Healthy Iowa Challenge

    RED OAK — The Montgomery County Family YMCA, in coordination Montgomery County Memorial Hospital and the Red Oak HyVee, sponsored a local team “Live Healthy Iowa 10 Week Challenge” competition to coincide with the statewide program that took place  Jan. 28-April 5.

    Seventeen teams participated in the local contest.

    Teams could enter one of two categories, weight loss or accumulated activity.

    Teams in the weight loss category “weighed” in as of Jan. 28 and tracked their weight to the end of the program.

  • Outside Iowa: Going on a hunt for some fungi

    With this spring’s weather, I have been wondering if we’ll even have a shroom’n season or not. Last year was early and most morel-nuts missed the right couple of weeks. Winter just won’t let go and it’s flat-out aggravating!

  • Outside Iowa: Keeping your turkey calls sharp

    I am a self-proclaimed turkey call fanatic. My wife will simply roll her eyes if you were to ask her about how many calls I currently have.

    It’s not like I chase her around the house running three or four of them at the same time hoping to get her attention.

    Ok, maybe I do run calls in the house more than I should, but only during this time of year.

    I love turkey calls almost as much as I do hunting turkeys.

  • Outside Iowa: That bite of the spring season

    Yes. Turkey season overlaps with the beginning of bass fishing.

    While that can occasionally be a slight inconvenience, you won’t hear me complain about scouting for birds while jerkin’ lips.

    It’s time to get the boat on the lake and fill the time between turkey seasons. 

    This is prime time for some of the season’s biggest bass, but the key is to determine the location and then to throw the right bait—it can be feast-or-famine this time of year.

  • YMCA holds Live Healthy Iowa fun walk

    RED OAK — The sixth annual Live Healthy Iowa “Fun Walk” was held Saturday, originating at the YMCA.

    Participants in the Fun Walk were able to walk or run a predetermined two mile course in the neighborhood surrounding the YMCA or use the YMCA’s indoor track.

    A drawing was held for a $20 and a $10 Red Oak Buck Certificates and two $25 Y-Buck Certificates at the completion of the walk.

     Winner of the $20 Red Oak Chamber Buck Certificates was Diane Brower of Red Oak.

  • Outside Iowa: The time has come for a new season

    It’s a true blessing to have ample opportunities to pursue our passions. It’s also a blessing to have multiple facets of these passions that are spread out over the year.

    Once we get into August and September I can’t think about anything other than whitetails. Once winter has vacated the premise (which seems unlikely this year) my mind shifts once again.

    I’m glad I don’t have to choose, as I honestly love chasing spring gobblers just as much as I do whitetails in the fall.