• Outside Iowa: Good time for bone time

    One of my favorite times of year is at hand. There is something just captivating about big whitetails—bucks especially—that just drives us to the woods to pursue them in as many (legal) ways as possible. Shed hunting is no different. This activity actually allows us to “hunt” for a particular buck, or as many bucks as we like without the pressures of making a good shot or filling a tag. There is no quota, in fact scoop up as many as you like.

  • Having a northern winter vacation

    Seems redundant right? Most people schedule a vacation to escape the doldrums of winter, but there are quite a few of us who love this time of year and all the frozen fun that can be had before Spring arrives. If you’ve followed this column over the years you know we occasionally like to talk about an experience Outside of Iowa—this one is certainly worth considering!

  • Outside Iowa: Is shed season coming early this year?

    It’s no secret I’m a pure whitetail fanatic. I go to meetings…But, that’s better than some addictions—perhaps that’s why my wife doesn’t complain that much. I don’t know, but the biology of our midwestern whitetails really fascinates me. It truly is a year-round obsession and one of my favorite times of year is at hand—early!

  • YMCA hosts Tri-Star basketball skills challenge

    The Red Oak Optimist Club held the annual Tri-Star Basketball Skills Contest Wednesday Jan. 9.

    The medal winners for the competition were:

    Girls Age Divisions


    1. Abby Jones

    2. Payten Bass

    3. Tory Carrick


    1. Emma Bierbaum

    2. Dayton Gregory

    3. Chloe DeVries


    1. Trinity Peterson

    2. Maddie Wendt

    Boys Age Divisions

  • Outside Iowa: Getting everything cleaned up

    If you are anything like me, as the seasons wind down your man cave, office or garage are cluttered with an assortment of hunting supplies. In fact, my wife would love to have a garage sale this time of year to reduce the disorganization. I just tell her it’s easier for me to exist in a mess when I’m the one who made the mess. I’m just not sure she buys that.

  • Outside Iowa: Preparing for the shed buck bonanza

    It sounds interesting, or even fun, but shooting shed bucks is not a good thing. However, each and every year we hear about more and more “big does” getting shot by mistake. So, what’s the problem? It’s venison; it all eats the same, yes? True, it is still meat for the freezer, and it’s not illegal, but it is counter-productive towards our management efforts and actually hurts the overall health of our herd statewide.

  • Outside Iowa: Late muzzleloader: Hot or cold

    I just love this time of year—everything about it. I love the cold weather, I love Christmas meals, time with family and being comfortable wearing long johns and wool socks all day long—inside.

    I don’t like to sweat during any time of the year, but I especially dislike sweating during the late season and with our current weather pattern, it’s hard to say if winter will officially set in or if it will continue to tease us.

  • Outside Iowa: Dealing with all the hard water

    There is a select core of die-hard ice fishermen that live to walk on water every winter.
    Here in Iowa, the right conditions must be present to produce fishable ice and last year made things difficult, leaving much to be desired.

    If the current conditions persist, we could be under similar circumstances and those passionate ice anglers are going to be cut short on their Iowa ice fishing again this year. Let’s hope not.

  • Outside Iowa: Deciding between walking or sitting

    With Iowa’s First shotgun season nearly in the books, anyone looking forward to second season might be wondering which approach will likely be the most effective. Walking presents its own challenges—as does sitting—but depending on food access and your weapon of choice, both options might be best. Confused?

  • YMCA Turkey Trot Results

    Results are in from the Montgomery County Family YMCA’s 18th Annual “Turkey Trot” held on Nov. 22 in Red Oak.

    There were 167 participants for this year’s event.

    Overall winners of the 2-Mile Run were Jared Hoffman of Henderson, with a time of 11:10 and Kate Walker of Red Oak with a time of 14:23.  

    The overall winners of the 5-Mile Run were Mike Debronsky of Troy, N.Y. with a time of 28:38 and Mindee Curtis of Omaha with a time of 36:46.