Board okays additional purchase of cameras at high school


The Red Oak School Board has agreed to some new equipment to help improve two of the buildings.

The first item brought before the board by superintendent Ron Lorenz were bids for the installation of underlayment matting at the activity center. Lorenz said the goal was to install non-permanent, anti-skid flooring on a third of the floor.

“We had originally installed the equivalent of astro-turf that we thought could be used for a lot of different activities, and we were told that the wrestling mats would stay set on that, and in reality, it doesn’t. We get a lot of sliding and slipping of the mats, which potentially causes a safety issue,” commented Lorenz.

Lorenz believed they had a solution through Tractor Supply from Council Bluffs for stall mats, in the amount of $6,722.

“The cost of the mats will be covered by the athletic booster club. The mats can be removed if necessary, and the astro-turf can be rolled up for the mats, then rolled back onto the floor after the removal of the mats,” explained Lorenz.

The board approved the quote of $6,722 for the mats from Tractor Supply.

The second item brought before the board was the installation of additional security cameras at the high school. Lorenz said they had planned to install the cameras during the most recent renovations, but the plans were postponed to limit costs, however, the additional cameras were necessary.

“We’ve discovered we have some blind spots at the building. We would like to install the cameras as planned. We have a quote from Inteconnex, who also installed the existing cameras at the high school and the cameras at Inman and complete the original camera layout,” stated Lorenz. 

Lorenz added they were able to consolidate and repurpose some of the existing cameras to cut down on the licensing costs.

“This quote is expensive, but we think it’s the most effective resolution. The quote is in the amount of $27,046, and that will be a PPEL expense and complete our original plans,” Lorenz said.

The board approved the quote for the cameras from Inteconnex.

In other business the board:

• Approved open enrollment requests for: Maggie Gray from Red Oak to the East Mills District for the 2021-22 school year, starting at the second semester; Kayden Bozwell from Stanton to the Red Oak Community School District for the 2021-22 school year; and Serenity Kruse from Griswold to the Red Oak Community School District for the 2021-22 school year.

• Approved the hire of Paige Copple as senior high school and junior class prom sponsor; Michael Nordeen as senior high assistant boys track coach and senior bowling head coach; Tristin Johnson as junior high girls basketball coach; Cheri Klimek ss senior high National Honor Society sponsor; John Allison as paraprofessional at the high school; Miranda Vannausdle as elementary interventionist at Inman Elementary; Danielle Perez as special education para at Inman Elementary; Amber Crussell as special education para at Inman Elementary; and Peggy Clark as a van driver, pending DOT physical, for the 2021-22 school year.

• Approved the resignation of Tracy Spunaugle as paraprofessional at the ROECC, effective Oct. 29 and Lisa Gross as paraprofessional at the high school, effective Oct. 29.

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