Nick’s Picks vs. Charm’s Credence

Nick says:

Somehow, Scoop and I are holding steady in this whole NFL thing. I don’t know how. After bombing every week during every one of these in the past, who would have thought that partnering up with our office cat would be the ace in the hole that would, while not win the contest for me, at least boost me to a ranking that isn’t dead last. 

I wonder if there’s a prize for most-improved guesser for this contest? And then, I wonder if I’d have to share the prize with Scoop. 

Judging from the glare I’m currently getting from Scoop, yes, I’ll be needing to share a prize, if any. Ah well, half of something is better than all of nothing, right?

Dallas/New Orleans: Saints. 

Tamap Bay/Atlanta: Scoop picks the birds, of course.

Arizona/Chicago: Scoop is for the birds. Cardinals.

L.A. Chargers/Cincinnati: Scoop wants me to choose the Bengals, so I am. Claws are out!

Minnesota/Detroit: Still with the claws. She’s picking the Lions. 

Denver/Kansas City: Chiefs.

N.Y. Giants/Miami: Giants. I let Scoop have the two cat picks. 

Philadelphia/N.Y. Jets: Something Scoop and I both agree on. Eagles. 

Indianapolis/Houston: Scoop is disinterested in this pick. Colts. 

Washington/Las Vegas: Raiders. 

Jacksonville/L.A. Rams: It’ll offend Charm, but Scoop’s going with the Jaguars.

Baltimore/Pittsburgh:  Ravens. 

San Francisco/Seattle: Seahawks.

New England/Buffalo: Patriots, we guess?

Charm says:

I have given up on the Rams. Although they are still heavy favorites over the Jags, I told Scoop I was not offended by her choice this week. If I were not such a loyal fan, I would not choose the Rams!

Predictions in bold:

Dallas @ New Orleans

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta

Arizona @ Chicago

LA Chargers @ Cincinnati

Minnesota @ Detroit

Denver @ KC

NY Giants @ Miami

Philly @ NY Jets

Indianapolis @ Houston

Washington @ Las Vegas

Jacksonville @ LA Rams

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh

SF @ Seattle

New England @ Buffalo

Now it is time for me to whine. This is the first time in McVay’s tenure that the Rams have lost three in a row. OUCH! Time for Sean to realize it takes more than a pretty face to coach a winning team. 

Okay, maybe that is a bit harsh, but here’s a thought: do something different on first down. I didn’t count so officially, this may be off, but every first down Stafford gives the ball to Hendo to run. Now, that’s fine and dandy every now and again, but EVERY TIME? (Might be only 85% of the time. I really don’t do math, so I can’t be sure.)

A HUGE issue is the fact that we have no return specialist worth anything! So what do we do? Let’s put our number one WR in that position and see if we can get him hurt! 

Notable cut players from “Charm’s world” from the game: Koski, Reeder (I complained about him last week. Time to go!), Rapp, Sony-boy. 

Reasons: Koski: fumbled a punt, lost possession, GB scored TD. 

Reeder: Gave up at LEAST six passes and was targeted often because Rodgers is not blind; too many missed tackles; poor performances all season.

Rapp: allowed too many long gains and TDs all season.

Sony-boy: I guess I expected too much from him. He was hailed as a stud player (from my main sources Pdawg and Marge) and I am just not seeing it. He bobbled a kickoff and looked like a rookie. 

Those on the “better be careful or else” list: Stafford and Big Whit. I do believe Stafford is better than Gofful, but I am losing my faith. I keep hearing that he was underrated in Detroit and should mesh up well with the Rams’ WRs, but he hasn’t been lately. Over throws, underthrows, forcing plays, I’m start to think we should just let the Wolfpack play that position. Hekk, maybe even Hekker!

And Big Whit? I love that guy! But he is slowing down. He had some problems with the edge rushers in the loss to the Pukers, and had two holding calls, which is unusual for him. Frustration maybe? I will give him two more games to prove himself before I cut him.

I was happy with the performances from Fuller, Gay, and as always AD. I think AD is getting frustrated by the losses also, as he has had a few calls the past few games, that if I wasn’t so in awe of him, would probably place him on the “I don’t like his character” list. (I know I have extremely unattainable standards, but in my defense, I expect the same from myself!)

The universe is righting itself as far as the office leaderboard goes. Pdawg and the mayor are tied for first place, and Nick did AWFUL this past week. Scoop has been a major asset to him this year! The Hubs has finally started doing better as he has gone 11-4 for two weeks in a row. And me, well I am finally tied for second, along with sis Trish. She is a Puker fan, so obviously that was the game that made the difference this week.

Horns up, Ramily!!

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